A community-owned initiative for enabling EOS DAPP developers


AirdropsDAC provides Airdrops As A Service to dapp developers in the EOS ecosystem looking to tokenize their project. AirdropsDAC looks to be the foremost authority in airdrops, offering the most options for innovative airdrops, legal-friendly tokens, community engagement tools and marketing to ensure the project’s users are ready and engaged to adopt the dapp.

Our long term vision is to be a community-owned initiative for enabling EOS DAPP developers


We intend to lead the way in airdrop techniques, legal support and marketing services that will enable us to be the foremost authority of airdrops on EOS. We will do this by researching innovative ways in the EOSIO software to perform airdrops to meet the needs of our clients.


  1. Offer valued services to clients with varied budgets: AirdropsDAC will diversify it’s services to offer clients a choice of many service tiers, suitable for their budget and needs.
  2. Optimize RAM and resource treasury: AirdropsDAC will look to find ways to optimize the use of its RAM treasury for maximizing profit and long term viability of the project.


RAM is a precious resource on the EOS Blockchain. DAPP developers need RAM for developing useful applications as well as executing airdrops.

The speculation in the RAM market, as well as fluctuating prices make it difficult for DAPP developers to predict their RAM costs. AirdropsDAC aims to hold a sufficient quantity of EOS for CPU and bandwidth and a sufficient amount of RAM for development, airdrops and operating the DAPPs.

AirDropsDAC buys RAM when the prices are low and leases RAM to developers at a fraction of the cost (25%-50%) through economies of scale. Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop for DAPP developers with CPU, bandwidth and RAM at competitive prices. In most cases recovering RAM after an airdrop is very slow, and most dapps will never recover their initial cost of RAM. Our cost to developers (Leasing cost  + Token %) is well justified considering the premium added services AirdropsDAC offers to make the process of airdropping easy.


Our goal is to decouple DAPP development from airdrops and operate on a new model called “Airdrops as a Service” (AaaS). AirdropsDAC has developed a team of engineers focused exclusively on airdrops. By doing one thing exclusively and well, we can optimize operations and come up with innovative ways of freeing up RAM such as the Airgrab and Skyhook methods.

AirdropsDAC will be initially run by the interim launch team.

After the governing constitution is finalized and AirdropsDAC tokens are distributed, the token holders will vote to ratify the constitution and elect custodians. Once custodians are elected by the AirdropsDAC token holders, they can re-employ or replace the launch team


Here are a few of our customers and partners that have utilized our services.

EDNA is a Blockchain-based Distributed Autonomous Community Working to Insure Genetic Privacy and DNA Property Rights


EDNA was mid-airdrop early in the EOS Mainnet evolution when speculators drove the cost of RAM into the clouds. Our project was in dire straits. AirdropsDAC found out about our plight and in a matter of hours we had all the assistance and resources we needed to complete the drop. If it were not for their willingness to trust in us, share our vision and heroically act when we needed it most the EDNA project would have been over before it could even begin. Words cannot ever express our gratitude.

EDNA is a Blockchain-based Distributed Autonomous Community Working to Insure Genetic Privacy and DNA Property Rights