Meet the Team

Michael Gucci, MD – Founder

Founder and Interim Custodian for AirDropsDAC, Founder of Z-Meta, Z11K and 21Zephyr, Inc. Former ER physician and an early adopter of EOS.

Michael is a former ER Physician, completed his medical degree from India and a Family Medicine Residency from the University of Connecticut. He was an ER Physician for 17 years working across several hospitals in the Midwest. Michael became fascinated with Bitcoin in 2015 and founded a private venture fund Bitcoin Fortress Ventures, which subsequently became Z-Meta and currently has investments in ShapeShift, BTC Media, Abra and several other companies in the blockchain space.

Nathan Rempel – Interim CTO

Nathan is a founding partner of the Australian block producer GenerEOS. In his role as partner there, Nathan drives the full stack and smart contract development for GenerEOS, including being the sole developer of the premier online EOS “wallet” solution

Prior to his involvement in the EOS ecosystem Nathan has worked as a Network Engineer for Shaw Cable’s video broadcasting infrastructure, Project Manager and Electrical Engineer for the Oil and Gas industry, and most recently System Engineering and DevOps for Solium, a cloud based Equity Management provider.

Andrew Gordon, ESQ., CPA – Interim Custodian

Founder of Gordon Law Group focused on Crypto-currencies, Taxes and Internet Law and Startups

Co-founder of Z11K – an EOS focused accelerator in Chicago

Chaney Moore – Interim Custodian & CPUEmergency

Cofounder of CPUEmergency, which provides users and Dapps with the resources and education needed to use the EOSIO network. Chaney holds a degree in Finance and a Masters of Economics and Real Estate. He has 20 years in the corporate financial, tax and real estate sectors. He is fascinated by token economics and various distribution models and mechanics.

Raman Bindlish – Interim Custodian

Raman Bindlish is a blockchain enthusiast and EOS community member. He comes from technology background with more than 17 years of experience in mobile industry. He has been a mentor and investor in multiple early stage companies. He has been hosting “Investing with a difference” show on youtube for EOS community and runs the biggest proxy account in terms of number of voters (investingwad).

Roshan Abraham – Interim Custodian

Co-Founder of EOS Authority a top 21 Block Producer.

Luke Stokes – Interim Custodian

Since the middle of 2017, Luke has been a block-producing witness on the STEEM blockchain. He is a founding member of EOSDAC a Block Producer, and runs a successful EOS voting proxy.

Denis Carriere – Interim Custodian & Co-Founder EOS Nation

Denis is the co-founder & CTO of EOS Nation, a full-stack web & GIS developer and a strong advocate for open source software & open data, Before focusing all his efforts on EOS and EOS Nation, Denis was one of the core developers for TurfJS (Advanced geospatial analysis for browsers and Node.js). Denis is living and breathing open source with over 4,800+ GitHub commits this year alone. He is also the event organizer for OpenStreetMap and travels internationally/locally attending technology conferences. Denis also served with the Canadian Armed Forces as a Geospatial Engineer and deployed overseas for two operational missions, one of which was providing humanitarian relief efforts during the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

Cesar Rodriguez – Interim Custodian

Creator of Nebula Protocol. Blockchain Technology Architect and Software Developer specializing in developing large scale systems.

Jack DiSalvatore – Interim Custodian

Senior Blockchain Engineer on HorusPay and EOS Authority teams.

NS James – Interim Custodian

Creator of Scatter, one of the most used EOS applications to protect private keys and allow seamless usages of dapps on EOS and ETH blockchains.

Bhargav Kalari – Infrastructure Engineer

Bhargav is currently the Data Center Engineer of 21Zephyr, Inc. and the CTO of Telos-21Zephyr a wing of 21Zephyr, focused on providing optimal block producing environment for the Telos Blockchain based on EOSIO software. He has been intensely integrated with its community since its early days. As a member of the TLG (Telos Launch Group) he has participated in the testnet to help launch the network.

Bhargav is a Computer Engineering Master’s Degree Graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is really passionate about EOSIO and EOS community. In addition, he has experience working as a Software Engineer and Senior Network Engineer at the Research Park of UofI.

Irina Gucci – Community Manager

Irina is the Community Manager for AirDropsDAC. Irina completed her
Masters in Economics from Ukraine and worked for Ancor, an
International Human Resources Organization. Irina subsequently moved to United States to pursue her passion in Arts and Humanities. In
2015, she came across Bitcoin and was fascinated by the technological
innovation and subsequently made her way through Ethereum, Steemit and
then to EOS. Irina brings her extensive Human Resources experience to
her role as the Community Manager for AirDropsDAC and is excited to be
part of the EOS Community.